Our Menu with delicious fish-dishes and more

A summary of our menu with dainties from lake constance fishes and other treats


Schwedi's Fish soup  € 6,50
white beans soup€ 5,20
creamy seafood soup

€ 6,90

meat classic's

Swabian Loin platter homemade spätzle mixed salad € 17,40

Juicy roast beef onions roasted potatoes salad

€ 22,50
turkey hen breast coated with egg and cheese served with tomatoie spaghetti green onions€ 16,80

delicious fish dishes

 Schwedi’ s Fish plate

Fisch platter with tree different fish fillet
potatoes vegetables

25,10 €
Lake constance pikeperch fillet "almond butter" boiled potatoes mixed salad26,50 €