Our Menu with delicious fish-dishes and more

A summary of our menu with dainties from lake constance fishes and other treats


Schwedi's Fish soup  € 6,50
Swabian broth with pancake stripes€ 4,00
tomato cream soup€ 5,80
chanterelle soup€ 6,20
Schwedi's Starter mix plate€ 12,50
King prawns garlic dip baguette€ 12,30

smoked salmon salad mustard dill dip baguette

€ 12,20
smoked whitefish mousse in salmon coat cocktail dip mixed salad baguette€ 11,90
Tomato mozzarella baslamico baguette€ 7,80

meat classic's

Fresh chanterelles with onions bacon herbs

in cream sauce with homemade noodles or bread dumpling


in roast jus with fried grated potatoes

€ 17,90
swabian tenderloins peppersauce homemade noodles mixed salad € 17,40

Juicy roast beef toasted onions roasted potatoes salad

€ 22,50
Boiled breat of ox horseraddish sauce vegetables roasted potatoes€ 15,20
turkey hen breast stripes in sauce fried grated potatoes salad€ 14,70
homemade noodle bags "traditional swabian" onions mixed salad€ 13,80
nape steak of pork herb butter roasted onions bacon french fries€ 14,20

Vegetarian dishes

Red vegetables thai-curry rice

€ 14,50
Chanterelles in cream with roasted bread dumpling  € 17,90

Fishermans catch

Due to our fisherman, who is also a familymember, we are glad to offer you daily fresh fish from lake Constance

Every evening your fishermen Ewald and Tobi Göppinger lay out their nets, to have it hopefully filled in the next morning to bring the fishes like pikeperch, pike, salmon trouts to our kitchen.

So you can enjoy the best quality in our restaurant.



delicious fish dishes

 Schwedi’ s Fish plate

Fillets of whitefish pikeperch salmon trout "special"-set almond butter herb butter boiled potatoes lettuce

24,10 €

lake constance whitefish fillet "vinaigrette" -lukewarm- onions roasted potatoes

23,50 €

whitefish fillet "almondbutter" boiled potatoes mixed salad

23,50 €

Mixed salad "Knusperle"

leaf lettuce vegetables breaded whitefish nuggets

14,80 €

lake constance whitefish fillet "special" mushrooms tomatoes green onion herb garlic boiled potatoes

23,50 €
lake constance pikeperch fillet roasted chanterelles garden herb sauce homemade noodles26,90 €
likewarm Lake Constance eel fresh horseraddish garden herb scrambled eggs16,20 €
Lake constance pike fillet "provencale" boiled potatoes mixed salad23,20 €
Surf & Turf beef and king prawn mediterranean vegetables steakhouse fries€ 28,70